Audit Protection

Get total peace of mind with our Audit Protection and Audit Prevention Solutions.

1. Worry-free IRS and state audit support

2. IRS and state correspondence management

3. Low fee to help you defend your tax return

4. Get options and preparation strategy

5. Debt Tax Relief service also available

6. Minimize the financial impact on your client’s business

Audit Protection and Audit Prevention

Tax professionals and their clients are always at risk of being audited.

If you’re a tax preparer, this is an incredibly stressful situation. Your reputation is at stake. It can lead to sleepless nights wondering if it was your fault or if something fell through the cracks.

The IRS has become increasingly aggressive in its audits and notices. This year alone, hundreds of new regulations were published! In addition to these regulations, other agencies like the SEC and state taxing authorities also issue numerous rules and regulations you must adhere to when preparing clients’ tax returns.

Simplifies The Process!

We built a convenient, intuitive, and complete mobile app to make tax preparation easier for taxpayers and tax professionals.
With this mobile tax app, there is no need for a physical office – you can do everything virtually!

You will save countless hours of manual data entry.

Whether it's a simple mistake or a big red flag, TaxOnTrackPro's Audit Protection will assist you before things get worse.

In addition to Audit Prevention, we also assist you in filing accurately so that you can avoid this unfortunate situation altogether!

TaxOnTrackPro's Audit Protection

We provide our customers with additional protection in the event of IRS notices or audits.

TaxOnTrackPro also automatically backs up all your work online, so you won’t lose any data if your computer crashes or your hardware fails. You can even access your files from anywhere in the world! By doing this, you avoid missed deadlines, missing documents, and fines!

Get the Audit Prevention Solution that protects your tax preparation business as it grows.

Get total peace of mind with TaxOnTrackPro.

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