General Questions

1Is an EFIN required to purchase your program?
We do require an efin to purchase our packages. Since electronic filing is required, we require that you have your EFIN before you purchase. If you need to apply for an efin, click here. You will be required to send in proof that your office has an efin before you can use our program. Link:
2Will this program work on my MAC?
Yes, our software is a cloud base software that works on any pc that has an internet connection.
3Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes we do. Contact us for more information.
4How do I become a Service Bureau?
Schedule a call or chat with us to get you started

Mobile App Questions

1Can I use Tax OnTrack Pro mobile app just to send and receive documents to/from my clients?
Our mobile app will be an option for all your clients. You also have the option to send the tax return via the mobile app for your client to e-sign.

Training Questions

1Where can I find videos/training materials?
After purchasing our software you will be able to get access to our private facebook page that will have videos on how to use our software. You will also have an option to catch us live prior to tax season.

Software Questions

1When is the best time to renew my software?
Starting in May.
2Why is it beneficial to purchase my software by August 1 vs. purchasing in December?
There are many benefits of purchasing your software program earlier in the season, but a couple of big reasons are pricing and convenience. Early in the season, our price for our program is the lowest it will be all year long. Also, tax professionals usually have a stream of money flow left over from the previous tax season, so it gives preparers a chance to purchase their program for less and when they have the cash flow.
3Can I run Tax On Track Pro Web on my tablet or phone?
Yes, even though you can access it on your tablet we recommend using a pc.
4Does your tax software ever go on sale?
It's rare to get our software on a sale. It's recommended to purchase software early for the best price
5Do I need high speed internet at all times to run the program?
Yes, It is recommended.
6What information does Tax On Track Pro pull forward from year to year?
Each year, Tax On Track Pro will pull forward important information for the tax return. This will include things such as dependents, depreciation, and Schedule Cs.
7Can I use Tax On Track Pro from multiple offices or locations?
8Can I file business returns using the TaxonTrack Pro software?
9How do I brand my Company on this program?
You will have the option to select this depending on which package you purchase. Please call or chat with us to help you select which best suits your brand.

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