Onboarding Program

Strategic Onboarding
with Our Software

Tax on Track Pro offers the best software onboarding practices to Tax
Preparers. This helps new users understand the workflow of the software.
This program includes the installation of the software, creation of accounts, processing of data, and troubleshooting. It is the integration of our software into your tax business for a more convenient, productive, and effective tax filing season. Our aim is to promote future stability and growth to your tax career and business.

Onboarding with Our Software

Our software development team will take the lead to help you keep your business up and running. Our team will ensure that our software works properly and is compatible with all your PCs. We will work with you to warrant that you get the customization that works best for your tear, and business.

  • Integration of Security Tools for Your Tax Business
  • Workflow and Data Storage
  • Troubleshooting and Tech Support

With our software onboarding, you're just one click away to success!

As software continues to evolve over time, good onboarding should also continue to provide the necessary updates to keep the business atoned. Tax on Track Pro ensures that our software users and clients are abreast with the latest technical updates and strategies.

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