Celesta Sanderlin

Dalegreen, IL

You were very knowledgeable & always had the answers to all my questions. It was clear you had lots of experience in the industry. You now have a forever customer

Anita Lin

Phoenix, AZ

We have tried other software when it comes to professional tax software. Compared to other software I know that this is the one for me. The training that I received before the season was well worth it! Let's not forget about the rebates I learned that I can get after season! I was very impressed with my results

Jodi Butts

Inglewood, CA

If you’re looking for a way to complete your client's return easily without the extra hassle and paperwork just purchase this software. This season was a breeze thanks to the customer support! From the start to the very end (and more because I still send emails and call just to prepare myself for next season)

Suzette Frank

Chicago, IL

We were flooded with phone calls, it was phenomenal, and it stayed constant throughout the season! Your customer support availability has been amazing…It was so easy for my mobile clients to view and sign their tax returns through the mobile app.

Emmauel Melbourne


This year was my first year and I had a pretty successful year this year thanks to you. I took your advice and watched our business grow! Thank you for the ongoing support during tax season.

Isabella Gordon

New York, NY

I started a tax company and have already made over $18k (with 40% pending due to the IRS being backed up right now because of COVID).

Ashley Moore

Jacksonville, Fl

Thanks to Youtube "I found Keisha on Youtube while searching for more tips on how to market myself as a tax preparer. I recommended Keisha to all my friends who want to grow their business locally and on social media. My clientele has grown by 38% this season. I'm working with Keisha and her team AGAIN!”

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